The Wood Preservation Industry

Europe's wood preserving industry supplies around 6.5 million m3 of pressure treated wood per year for woodworking, construction, landscaping, leisure ... Read More

Warum Nadelhölzer schützen?

{:en} The Beauty of Wood Wood is our most valuable natural material. It has a built-in beauty and warmth, with ... Read More

Vorteile der Vorbehandlung

{:en}As well as the obvious benefits of improving the value and performance of preservative treated timbers, controlled industrially applied pre-treatments ... Read More

Europäische Normen

{:en} Setting the standard Preservation Within Europe there are recognised industry standards relating to the preservative protection of timber. Some ... Read More

Risiko und Folgen von Ausfällen

{:en}CONSEQUENCES OF TIMBER FAILURE Should construction, landscaping, garden or engineering timbers fail due to decay or insect attack there are ... Read More

Holzschutzmitteltypen und Prozesse

{:en} PRODUCT TYPES AND TREATMENT PROCESSES Preservation High Pressure Treatments These new generation products have now been in use for ... Read More


{:en}HOW TO SPECIFY TREATED TIMBERS Preservation Some softwoods species are more naturally durable than others and in some situations a ... Read More

Wiederverwendung, Recycling und Entsorgung

{:en}Re-use, Recycling and Disposal of Treated Timbers In Europe all end-of-service life materials are subject to a range of complex ... Read More

Questions and Answers

1. What is vacuum pressure impregnated wood? Vacuum pressure impregnated wood is wood that, through the application of a preservative, ... Read More