WEI – European industry trade association representing the pressure treated wood industry

WEI promotes the benefits of treated timber whilst representing wood preservation industries within the European Union. 

Wood – Building The Economy

WOOD - BUILDING THE BIOECONOMY Final Version 22 10 2019Download ... Read More


The activities of WEI are based around wood preservatives, environmental and technical issues plus the marketing of finished wood products ... Read More

Treated wood – a sustainable choice

A construction material, provided and renewable by Nature, with predictable performance, taking carbon from the atmosphere and locking it away ... Read More

In pursuit of excellence

Prior to being accepted into membership, WEI members have to subscribe to the 'Charter for Professional Wood Preservers'. This charter ... Read More

Wer kann Mitglied werden

{:en}Membership to WEI is open to: Companies active to enhance the durability of wood by an industrial process Suppliers to ... Read More

WEI – Brochure

Making the most of timber  Under the title "Making the most of timber" the European Institute for Wood Preservation has ... Read More

Wie wird man Mitglied

{:en}How to join Companies or individuals interested in joining WEI are requested to complete the application form and to send ... Read More